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Style 1: EDM, Dance, Dancehall, Electronic Dance Music

My EDM mixes are actually on air weekly in 11 radios in 6 countries in the EU here:

- Müritz Radio, Germany (monday, 4PM-6PM CET)
- Magyar Vándor Rádió, Hungary  (Under contruction! normaly saturdays 2-4PM CET, replay tuesdays 2-4PM)
- Erdélyi Magyar Rádió, Romania (sunday, 8-10PM CET)
- Lépés Rádió, Hungary (Saturday, 8-10 PM CET. Repeat: Monday 8-10 PM & Friday 02-04 PM CET)

- Radio Ada 107,7MHz, Serbia (Saturday 8PM-10PM CET)

 - Radio Novi Sombor, Serbia (Saturday 12AM-2PM CET)

- Zene Sziget Rádió, Serbia (friday 4-6 PM CET, replay sundays 6-8 PM)

- Radio Alperose, Schweiz (Sunday 00 AM - 02 AM CET)

- RBV Radio Belle Vallée 107MHz, Luxembourg (Saturday, Sunday 2-4 PM CET)
- Radio Schwung (SCHWeiz-UNGarn) (Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday 4-6 PM CET CET on some nights after midnight)

- Radio Regina, Hungary (Friday 7:30-9:30 PM CET)

My DJ mix is actually the 56th from the first Top 100 on the mixcloud
My DJ mix is actually the 96th from the first Top 100 on the mixcloud

Style 2: all in one: dance, retro, rock&roll, twist, schlager, austropop, top 25, pop, alternative, party music ...

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